How to pick the perfect pallet truck

What is the purpose of a pallet truck?

Pallet trucks simply lift and transport pallets and/or freight from one place to another. Pallet trucks have a hydraulic pump, wheels, and forks and make easy work out of what would usually be a multiple person job; they make the job faster, easier and safer, making them a good investment. Logitrans´ Panther line is an enhanced line of pallet trucks, offering manual pallet trucks, fully powered pallet trucks, and stainless pallet trucks. The Panther pallet trucks have a simple sturdy design and are made with quality in mind. The Panther pallet trucks are long lasting, compact, efficient, and a very low maintenance pallet truck. Panther pallet trucks will eliminate strain and energy on workers and save time. Panther pallet trucks come in a variety of size and load capacities. Logitrans´ pallet trucks can accommodate a variety of pallet sizes and weights, with specialised coatings and finishes.

Find which Panther pallet truck would be beneficial to your business.

The strong silent type…

The Panther Silent which offers a noiseless transport is an ideal solution to any work place that needs a peaceful atmosphere. The Panther offers a low truck weight, a tight turning angle of 220 degrees, adjustable fork height, permanent quick lift, and the capability of lifting 2000 kg. Because the Panther has an ergonomically correct handle and special designed wheels, it ensures very minimal starting power and the correct control of the heaviest pallets, both when the truck is being pushed or pulled. With the Panther’s rounded corners there is no damage done to surroundings, pallets, and merchandise. The Panther Silent will benefit a company in many ways. For example, restocking shelves in stores should not inconvenience or disturb the customer. With the Panther Silent shelves can be restocked during business hours. Having more products on the shelves means more products are available to be sold and the customer can find what they are looking for.

Not only does that bring in more money it also frees up workers to do other things that can be useful to the company. Stores can cut costs by not having to be open at night to restock shelves; also fewer employees are needed if things are done quickly and efficiently. The Panther pallet truck is also available in stainless steel version for hygienic pallet handling, which is beneficial to the pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries. Logitrans also offers an explosion proof model of the Panther and different types of wheels, to fulfil various needs of the user.

The Panther Silent can also be used outdoor. The Panther Silent is durable, environmentally friendly, and offers a long operating life. Both the steering and the fork wheels are made of soft non-marking rubber. This makes the Panther Silent gentle to tile floors, but durable enough for gravel roads or uneven surfaces, and tough enough to go through snow. Because of the special design of the wheels flooring will not be damaged. Stones, metal chips, tacks, nails, and snow will not stick to the wheels. The twin fork wheels make it easy to change direction making it effective in small spaces. The Panther Silent would be ideal in home improvement stores with the ability to be used outside as well as inside without disturbing the customers shopping. Stores, shops, and chains, all over the world have benefited from using the Panther and the Panther Silent.

The Panther Flex has everything the Panther offers; in addition, it is highly flexible. The Panther Flex can be made with fork lengths ranging from 600 mm to 2400 mm and with fork spans ranging from 350 mm to 1100 mm. It is also available with drum forks.
The Panther, Panther Silent, and Panther Flex can all be customised with different colours to choose from, or with your company’s name or logo.

The high-performance type…


The Panther Maxi is a fully power pallet truck for heavy pallet transport – with 1800 kg capacity. The fully powered Panther Maxi can move multiple pallets in a confined area effortlessly and quietly without requiring a lot of power usage. It has an elegant design with rounded corners so no damage is done to surroundings, pallets or merchandise. The Panther Maxi is designed to focus on the ergonomic working environment and safety of the operator. All control buttons are centrally located and can be activated in all positions. The driving speed, acceleration and deceleration can be set with ease. The Panther Maxi has a long operation time per charge. It is compactly constructed utilising the maximum amount of work space, and can operate with the handle in the upright position. All components are easily accessible and require low maintenance. The compact construction maximises its utilisation and make Panther Maxi easy to operate. It can be used to load and unload the truck easily and quietly in confined areas. The rounded corners ensure that no damage is done to other nearby packages. It can be used to load vans or trucks for making deliveries or for putting deliveries away. It is compact enough for working on a lift gate or on the back of a semi. To make the Panther Maxi transportable a lower battery box and handle can be customised, so the Panther Maxi can fit on a truck transport box. The Panther Maxi is beneficial in warehouses, stores, and for the transportation industry. A tow bar is a customised option that can be added to the Panther Maxi. By adding a tow bar the Panther Maxi can pull carts or trailers that carry heavy or awkward items.

Logitrans´ Panther pallet trucks are in a class of their own,
unique and different from the average pallet truck.

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