Why Choose The Jungheinrich EFG Series Forklift from Pegasus MH?

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Making An Investment In The Right Forklift Can Lead To Major Cost Savings And Increases In Uptime At Your Facilities.

When it comes to cost savings and efficiency, the Jungheinrich EFG 2 series of electric forklifts will raise your expectations for what you expect from a lift truck.

The Jungheinrich®EFG 2 electric counterbalanced forklift delivers when it comes to performance.

Keep in mind these factors when selecting your next electric counterbalanced forklift for your business.

100% Greater Planned Maintenance Intervals

You read that right. While the industry standard for planned maintenance (PM) intervals falls around 500 hours, the EFG 2 series of electric forklifts has PM intervals of 1,000 hours. 50% less downtime means greater productivity and can also lead to substantial savings in maintenance over the life of the forklift.


Service Is A Snap

While greater PM intervals are an attractive feature, another big benefit of the EFG 2 electric forklift series is how well it’s designed for being serviced. Sure, longer service intervals means you won’t need to be servicing the EFG 2 as often as many competitors’ lift trucks, but when you do, you’ll find that the components are easy to access. Designing the forklift with service in mind further reduces downtime and maintenance cost in the long term.

Run 2 Shifts On 1 Battery Charge

Jungheinrich forklifts are designed for energy efficiency – with many products guaranteed to run 2 shifts on 1 battery charge for greater efficiency and productivity.

The EFG 2 forklift series follows suit, offering incredible energy efficiency, which means you’ll spend less time changing and recharging batteries during a shift and less money on batteries over the long run:

On average, stopping a shift to change a battery can take 20-30 minutes — hampering your operator’s productivity.

In addition to spending less time changing batteries, you’ll also need less batteries to run your fleet — which can free up valuable space in your warehouse for product storage.

Contact Pegasus Material Handling to arrange a demo and put the EFG 2 series to the test.

Savings Grow With Your Fleet

Greater energy efficiency means greater savings for your business.

Depending on the application, compared against the leading competition, an EFG 2 series electric forklift can offer substantial savings for your operation