Manitou Powered Access Equipment from Pegasus

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Manitou is a leading manufacturer and supplier of people and material lifting equipment.

Their extensive range of lifting equipment is ideally suited to addressing the needs of numerous sectors, such as:

Here at Pegasus Material Handling we offer the full range of Manitou powered access equipment including –

V Series -Vertical masts:

A vertical mast boom is the ideal platform for difficult- to-reach places. Telescopic masts climb directly to a working height of 7.7 to 9.85m (low range of rotation). Intended mainly for maintenance work and warehouse inventories, the vertical mast boom can be used both outdoors and indoors, where their white tyres do not leave marks and respect all types of floor surface

The Manitou VJR Series (1)
The Manitou SC Series (1)

Scissor lifts:

Large platforms ranging from 8m to 14m working height, Manitou scissor lifts find their uses in many different fields: construction and public works, cleaning, events and more… Compact for easy access to narrow spaces, equipped with rough terrain diesel for outside applications or silent electric for interior use, the platform capacity of Manitou scissor lifts range from 230kg to 700kg.

Articulating booms:

Measuring from 12 to 27m, articulated boom lift (or articulating boom) take you where you want to be for maintenance, installation or pruning work. Diesel or electric powered, they get around tricky obstacles thanks to their geometry and long reach. Articulating booms of less than 20m are capable of negotiating restricted spaces, thanks to the size of their chassis which is adapted to allow rotation within the vehicle clearance.

The Manitou TJ Series (5)

Telescopic booms:

Their long reach and speed make them the perfect tool for shipyards, construction, demolition and maintenance sites, or for putting the finishing touches to works of art. Certain models of this aerial work platform have a jib arm which is practical for coming in close or for overhanging work.

Manitou powered access equipment from Pegasus Material Handling is available for rental or purchase. A comprehensive range of finance options are available and can be tailored to be your individual needs.