Jungheinrich ERE Series

Jungheinrich® pallet trucks and tow tractors are at the forefront of innovation, using regenerative braking to recover energy and feed it back into the battery for greater efficiency. These forklifts are suited for loading and unloading trailers as well as transporting loads over shorter distances.

  • Capacities of 2000kg / 2500kg / 3000kg / 3300kg


Designed with durability in mind, the ERE provides not only more reliability but also combines compact maneuverability with the comfort of a ride-on truck. This makes it the ideal tool for performance-driven operations. Configure your own perfect ERE according to your demands on goods turnover, transport routes and application.

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1500 – 2000kg, 2000 – 2500kg, 2500 – 3500kg




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