Fleet Monitor Supplied Throughout the North East

Fleet Monitor – Washington, North East

Fleet Monitor - Washington, North East Our Fleet Monitor provides fleet managers with the tools and information necessary to monitor, manage and improve operator behavior. The reports include a range of scoring and error reports that can be used to effectively improve safety and reduce risk.

As a fleet manager it’s crucial to your business not only to monitor the performance of you valuable assets and staff but to have access to immediate and secure information about your fleet at all times. Introducing the Fleet Monitor advanced fleet management from Pegasus Material Handling.

There is various add-ons available for the Pegasus Fleet Monitor.

Features & Benefits of our Fleet Monitor:

  • Driver access control
  • Real time tracking and location management
  • Advanced reporting and analytic
  • Live event feed & instant notification
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Servicing and driver licensing management
  • Daily check monitoring and recording
  • Multiple inputs with customised events