Finance Structures For You Forklift Trucks
Finance - Washington, North East

Finance – Washington, North East

Finance options carefully structured to meet with your organisations needs

Our Finance offering is backed by some of Europe’s leading banking groups ensuring competitive rates at all times. Investing in your business is crucial, but tying up your working capital could mean missing out on other opportunities. The decision of how to finance the purchase of materials handling equipment is an important one.

Contract Hire Finance Structure

If you would like to use a forklift truck for a set period with no unexpected costs? Then our contract hire finance structure may be the option for you! Contract hire is an agreed fixed monthly charge which covers both the finance and the maintenance element of the equipment throughout the term. The agreement runs for a specified period which can be from 2 years, up to 7 years, with the equipment being collected at the end of the term when a new truck can be supplied.

Contract Hire Finance Benefits!

  • No hidden extras
  • Fixed costs for finance including full service and maintenance for the term of the contract
  • Fixed budgeting with no unexpected repair bills
  • Contract history and service data easily accessible throughout the term
  • Hassle free disposal of the truck at the end of the contract
  • No final payment
  • Accounting and financial benefits
  • Trucks can be acquired without having to call on cash reserves
  • Tax relief on the whole rental amount can be claimed through your profit and loss account
  • VAT is payable on monthly/quarterly rentals and not upfront in one lump sum
  • Benefit from a single hire agreement
  • Agreed term and hours worked from the onset
  • Reduction of downtimes: Integrated full service and maintenance package
  • Customer web interface access
  • Ability to keep up with the latest technology.
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